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Used Machinery
Vollmer CHP200

2000 Vollmer CHP200 Top/Face

Excellent Condition  Completely cleaned and Inspected

Ran Oil From The Start

Location:  Ohio USA

Price:  $28,000

Akemat U4 Topper

1999 Akemat U4 Topper

Very Clean, S/N 4275

Location:  Midwest USA

Price:  $20,000

Walter CNC5

2000 Walter Woodtronic CNC5 Rapide with Loader

Veryy good condition but needs a little work!

Location:  Florida

Price:  $15,000 complete


ABM 810CNC Top/Face

Installed in 2016  Like new

Location:  Eastern Canada

Price:  $40,000 US

Video and brochure available

Wright W-150 HD-E

Wright W-150 HD-E  Top/Face

Very Clean  New paint, bearings, etc  S/N 597

Location:  Northern USA

Price:  $9900

Akemat B Facer

1990 Akemat B Facer

Excellent Condition S/N 1369

Location:  Western Canada

Price:  $15,700

Wright W 350 Dual Side Grinder

Wright W-350 Dual Side Grinder

Good condition  S/N 408

Location:  Ohio, USA

Price:  $7500

Wright W-150  Top/Face

Wright W-150 Top/Facer

Good condition, needs TLC  S/N 10411

Location:  Ohio, USA

Price:  $5000

W-150 HD-B

Wright W-150 HD-B  Top/Facer

Good condition, needs some TLC  S/N 69322

Location:  Ohio, USA

Price:  $5000

Acme Pull Down

Acme Gummer

Location:  Florida

Price:  $1000

Simonds 970 Saw Leveler

Simonds 970 Saw Leveler

Excellent Condition  Low Hours

Location:  NE USA

Price:  $10,000 REDUCED!!!

Akemat B Facer

1990 Akemat B Facer

Excellent Condition  Ran oil since new  S/N 1228

Location:  Florida

Price:  $19,000

UTMA AP800 Facer

Mid 70's UTMA AP800 Facer

Good condition but has some issues

Location:  Eastern Canada

Price:  $3500

Akemat "Middex" Box

Akemat "Middex" Control Box

for Topper.  Controls grind cycles.

Location:  SW USA

Price:  $1500